Thursday, February 3, 2011

African Violets, Good Luck Bamboo

Hello, I want to say Thank You to Sue, I was at her house last week, and she gave me some of her African Violets , that I love and the posts that are so neat, she also gave me Good Luck Bamboo, which I never heard of and I have these in my laundry room where they will get wonderful light and they are so far doing good.  Here are what they look like.

I go in there everyday to check on them and clip the flowers that are dying and to see how the water level is so far so good.  I do not have a green thump but I am trying.  Outside in the garden it is different but inside with my well water not that good since I have a soften water going thru the house.,  Plants get to much salt with soften water.

Sue said everyone should have Good Luck Bamboo in there house and I do now.

An important part of feng shui, lucky bamboo plants are said to bring good luck and fortune, especially if the plants were given as gifts.

So on this blog I am only doing the plants and want to say Thank You Sue so very much for what you gave me.  I am in the basement and working on the heart I told you about, with my sewing so if it looks nice I will drop it off.
  I will post another blog on recipes but this one I have been meaning to get out to Sue, and I hope that you enjoy the beautiful flowers.


  1. They are beautiful healthy looking african violets. I used to have them but havent had them for a long time. They dont like a lot of water, why dont you buy distilled water in the bottle just for them. It should last a long time.

  2. As always lovely recipes and lovely images - your african violets are lovely - glad you had a nice visit.

    Love and hugs, Linda.